Taking on Challenges

Seeing growth and improvement potential in a company and adding structural value. Looking at the strength and ambition of the people. That’s what drives us. Not only as investors but also as managers and entrepreneurs.

Active and Involved

By being actively involved and working closely together with the people in our companies, we create the highest chances of success. We do this by going against the grain and thinking outside the box.

Creating Value

We always try to create growth and improvement with long-term effects. We dive deep into the market and the company all while adding our own broad experience, commitment, and energy.


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Sparck Technologies




ALT Technologies


Burger King Nederland


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Dutch Bakery Group








Our market: small and medium-sized enterprises, revenues between €20m and €200m, headquartered in the Netherlands, Belgium or Scandinavia. We look for growth and/or improvement potential, a majority share and an active role for Standard Investment. We acquire companies with an enterprise value of up to €100m.


The Standard approach

We believe that the combination of an investor, entrepreneur, and manager leads to the best results for all parties. As an investor, we want to get a good return and we must accurately anticipate both the threats and possibilities in the market and the business. As an entrepreneur, we have to take risks, seize opportunities, rely on our intuition, and sometimes take firm action to achieve our goals. As a manager, we get people moving, provide structure, develop lasting improvements, and we help keep or make employees proud of their company.




About us

Creating opportunities together

We've been improving structurally companies since 2004. There are 18 companies in our portfolio with more than 4.000 employees and revenues of more than €1bn. The entire Standard Investment team has a penchant for medium-sized companies: enterprises with minimal office politics, direct lines of communication, and many strategic and operational challenges, where we can really make a difference.
Martijn van den Berg

Martijn van den Berg

Alain  Biebuyck

Alain Biebuyck

Marnix van der Feltz

Marnix van der Feltz

Guido   Grobbink

Guido Grobbink

Hendrik Jan ten Have

Hendrik Jan ten Have

Stefanie van Heteren

Stefanie van Heteren

Peter  Holm Yde

Peter Holm Yde

Mike  Jennekens

Mike Jennekens

Christian de Jong

Christian de Jong

Reinier  de  Jong

Reinier de Jong

Leon  Kroes

Leon Kroes

Alexander ter Kuile

Alexander ter Kuile

Anne Marijke van der Linde

Anne Marijke van der Linde

Martin  Mainz

Martin Mainz

Luuc de Nooijer

Luuc de Nooijer

Ties  Rijkens

Ties Rijkens

Jeroen  Roffel

Jeroen Roffel

Herbert  Schilperoord

Herbert Schilperoord

Maarten  Tromp

Maarten Tromp

Kitty  Veenema

Kitty Veenema

Rens  Wajon

Rens Wajon

Wilbert van der Weerd

Wilbert van der Weerd


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